About TBRP

Trans*Body Reclamation is a small Poneke, Aotearoa /Wellington, New Zealand based project.
TBRP organises, launches and/or supports various events and groups, which are geared towards healthy, self loving relationships with our bodies, having equitable, satisfying relationships with those we are close to, and and making room for ourselves in our wider communities.
Its a bit like a central hub with different groups and projects revolving round it, sharing resources and space.
Check out our pages with links to projects running through TBRP. We are based upstairs at 128 radical social centre.
Unfortunately at present there are no ramps or lifts to the second story where we are based, but there is a meeting room downstairs which we can book.
BUT! We are  holding c.l.i.t.fest to fund raise toward getting modular ramps installed, so more beautiful bodies can make it to our office!
TBRP acknowledges trans* experiences of intersection (experiencing transphobia in combination with other kinds of oppression like misogyny, racism, fatphobia, classism, ableism,  sex worker hatred etc), we are against all forms of stigmatisation and all forms of oppression, and are keen to address some of the ways these things play out in our varied experiences.

We are keen to work with other anti-oppression groups too, especially trans*, intersex, and queer groups.

Contact us at transbodyreclamation [at gmail dot com] if you have any ideas, or things you might be keen collaborate on, or if you want to do some fundraising for ramps!


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